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As with all handmade items, no two pieces are the same. Variations in size, color, and design may occur.

Made In Kenya


Nancy is part of the Pendo Doll Collection

Pendo means love in Swahili

Bringing Nancy into your home will empower girls in Kenya to become equals in their communities.

Nancy is an Elimu Girl whose singing fills any room she enters, and her creative sewing makes her a star student. She is as huggable in real life as she is in doll form. Her dress was inspired by the Paris Fashion Show collection she sewed with Shannon of TomFooleryLA. Do you love the mini version of the dress that walked the runway?

This Pendo Doll project brought much joy and learning for our girls as they stitched them by hand. From tea-dying to delicately embroidered faces, this doll represents her learning journey and the beginning of entrepreneurship.

Each doll is slightly imperfect which makes Nancy even more huggable. Real. Authentic. Beautiful.

A minimum suggested donation of $100 will support our efforts to provide girls with boarding and scholarship monies.

Bring Kenya into your home!

Each Doll Includes:

  • Doll + Dress
  • Handwritten Note From Artisan Girl
  • Artisan Doll Zine
  • Tax-Deductible Receipt

Shipping Details

$12 dollar flat rate in the USA for UPS Standard Shipping. For International Shipping - Please reach out to cindy@elimugirls.com.

Additional Donation Information

Make a donation to Elimu Girls, a non-profit founded by women empowering young girls in Kenya. Tax details will be emailed to you and your donation is tax-deductible in the US.


Artisan Profile


"Happiness is learning to earn your own money."
- Nancy

Nancy dreams of being a role model for her village. Her first paycheck will go towards buying fabric for a new dress.

Post Card 5 x 7 Informational - Final v2 (1) W MAP AND ICONS CAHRACTERS-05

Nancy is the only unmarried woman in her family of 12 to be happily pursuing her dreams. Her widowed mother is a farmer who has been unable to educate her children beyond primary school. Nancy is a natural born singer and has the work ethic of champions.

She loves sewing, and wants others to succeed. Her energetic dancing is contagious amongst her peers as she glides and giggles across the one-room sewing college.

Meet Our Artisan Partners


Elimu Girls class of 2019-2020 wants you to know that every purchase you make helps her buy fabric, supplies, sewing machines, and so much more. In a world where you can be anything, thank you for being kind.


Initially, our first-year students practiced sewing patterns on recycled bags of all-purpose flour because it was less expensive than fabric. But quickly, as the miniature dresses began to adorn the college classroom, we realized these were works of art themselves. From collar to cuff link, every girl was able to touch each dress with her hands, her village, and her ingenuity.

Together, while learning the art of sewing, her story was deeply imprinted on every dress she created. It became a symbol of her struggle, her dreams, and her will to overcome. As this dress empowers her beautiful self, we wanted to have it travel from Kenya to you – and let the message of hope live on in your home.

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