50 Jumpsuits = 1 Scholarship

The Game Changer

We are excited to partner with TomFooleryLA to bring you the Game Changer. Everyone looks amazing in these oh so functional jumpsuits.

The Designer, Shannon Ashford


My name is Shannon Ashford and I sew. I was born and raised in Southern California too curious for my own good with the heart of a vagabond and a brain filled with movie quotes. My favorite color is yellow and I will make pancakes for anyone who asks. I learned to sew when I was a girl from a neighbor. I started waking up early to make myself an outfit to wear to school and even made a few prom dresses for friends in high school (my sincerest apologies for the rookie work). I make clothes for the same reason I drink whiskey and never wear shoes- it makes me happy. I started Tom Foolery to create problem-solving designs and to make people’s lives better. I chose jumpsuits because I truly believe they are the perfect manifestation of the energy and adventure of a tomboy packaged as a classy lady.



We use two different types of fabric to accomplish two different goals. One textile is made from recycled plastic bottles in an attempt to clean up the plastic that already exists in our landfills. An effort to correct. The other is made from responsibly sourced eucalyptus tencel with minimal impact to the environment and colored with natural dyes. An effort to sustain. From textiles to labor, our goal is to leave our planet and our people better than we found them.

Elimu Partnership


After a transformational mission trip to Kenya I couldn’t forget the spirit of the people there and knew that finding ways to give back to that community would forever be a part of my life. Tom Foolery has partnered with Heri Sewing College in Kenya offering girls the opportunity for independence through starting their own business. Each student spends two years studying the techniques of garment making and upon graduation is given their own machine. Many of these female students have been subjected to horrific abuse. Cultivating the skill of sewing and being able to make money gives them the opportunity to live their own lives, choose their own spouses, and create the family they want.
Look good, feel good, and be a change maker in this beautiful jumpsuit.