"Walk in Her Shoes"
Fundraising Campaign for 2021

September — December 2021

Last year we fundraised $15k through the "Sew with Her" Campaign. That put seven girls through full scholarships at the Heri Sewing College. This year we want to raise $22,400 to give all 14 girls full scholarships. Without our fundraising efforts as a non-profit, there would be no scholarships and the girls could not afford to complete the program on their own. We thank you for your continued support.

We truly believe Elimu Girls empowers her to become a community leader and entrepreneur ensuring financial freedom, self-worth, and equality. Obtaining a full scholarship will really change their lives.

$25 of $22,400 raised

$25 of $22,400 raised

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Sponsor a girl

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Give Her a gift of lasting change

Sewing Machine Supply Kit — $25

Includes a good pair of fabric scissors, bobbins, sewing machine needles, tape measure, and a stitch ripper.

Garment Fabric Supply — $50

Enough sewing fabric to last the entire school year.

Boarding Supplies — $100

Covers, sheets, pillows, toiletries, and feminine products for the year.

Sewing Machine & Table — $250

Brand new Singer Sewing machine & table for the new graduate to take home and start her career.

Second Year Exam Fees — $325

Covers all fees for two government exams to pass a level 3 national trade certificate in Kenya for both women's and men’s garments.

Tuition Fees for First Year — $665

Covers admissions, boarding, school fees, and school supplies.

Sponsor a Girl — $1600

Covers 2 years of tuition, 2 years of exam fees, and a personal sewing machine and table as a graduation gift.
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Support us year-round!

You can also support us by purchasing something from our store. Every purchase is considered a tax-deductible donation and everything is handmade in Kenya by our girls.

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Our Supporters

Let us know why you support Elimu Girls on Instagram and tag us @elimugirls for a chance to be featured! 


When we sent a donation to Elimu Girls, I knew it was going toward purchasing sewing machines for these young women. The money wasn't going into a nebulous pot, but funneled into a tangible tool that enables these women to actively change the trajectory of their lives. Elimu Girls is an outlet for these women to grow their skills, be apart of a community and ultimately to transform their paths. I'm so glad to have found Elimu Girls and to have the opportunity to give to such a meaningful organization.

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I care because empowering these young girls to be independent gives them hope, courage and confidence to the break cycle. What’s more beautiful and inspirational than that?

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I feel like I am able to really make a difference in these girl's lives ever since I got involved with Elimu Girls. If that means working toward their financial independence and giving them the opprotunity to support themselves, I am all for it. They inspire me and I love seeing all of their creative creations.

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Our Alumni

Alumni of Elimu Girls across Kenya are hustling as entrepreneurs equipped with sewing machines and national Sewing Certifications thanks to your support. 

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Through our events and fundraising initiatives held since 2014, Elimu Girls has raised $100,000 and counting toward our mission!