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As with all handmade items, no two pieces are the same. Variations in size, color, and design may occur.

Made In Kenya

Sunshine Jua

Jua means “Sunshine” in Swahili.

This paper dress collaboration is with Los Angeles Designer, Illustrator, and Muralist – Sandy (Wu) Nguyen. Painted to perfection, this dress details Kitenge shapes and patterns artfully mixed with bold colors (Kitenge is an East African fabric).

Hope. Creativity. Empowerment. Financial freedom. This is what the paper dress represents.

Each small but mighty paper dress is a training tool made out of Kenyan corn maize flour bags. The paper dress remains unique because, although modeled after a school uniform, each dress is one-of-a-kind and handcrafted by her.

Within the folds of every single dress holds the story of a village girl who wants to create change in her future, and contributes to her community.

Frame this paper dress; a training tool transformed into a piece of art by humble, steady hands.

Approximate Sizing: 15″ x 12.5″ inches.

Availability: 1 in stock

Minimum donation: $250.00

A minimum suggested donation of $250 will support our efforts to provide girls with a sewing machine.

Bring Kenya into your home!

Each Paper Dress Kit Includes:

  • Paper Dress
  • Kitenge & Paper Dress Zine
  • Extras: Dress Sticker + Kitenge Swatch
  • Tax-Deductible Receipt
  • Frame NOT Included

Shipping Details

$12 dollar flat rate in the USA for UPS Standard Shipping. For International Shipping - Please reach out to cindy@elimugirls.com.

Additional Donation Information

Make a donation to Elimu Girls, a non-profit founded by women empowering young girls in Kenya. Tax details will be emailed to you and your donation is tax-deductible in the US.


Artisan Profile

Screenshot 2020-11-19 133958

"The girl's creativity inspires me to no end. They deserve the world."

- Sandy (Wu) Nguyen

Sandy (Wu) Nguyen is the Creative Director for Elimu Girls. She contributed two pieces for the artist collaboration and launch of the paper dresses. The dresses are painted over with a base coat of white gesso and colored in with soft gel acrylic paints.

Sandy graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology. Shortly after, she became a business manager at a boutique wealth management firm. Determined to immerse her future with more creativity and art, she pivoted her trajectory and now runs her own creative studio offering design, illustration, and mural services.

She lives in Playa Del Rey with her husband, Eric, and two cats - Miso and Ryuk.

Screenshot 2020-11-19 133854
Screenshot 2020-11-19 134029

Meet Our Artisan Partners


Elimu Girls class of 2019-2020 wants you to know that every purchase you make helps her buy fabric, supplies, sewing machines, and so much more. In a world where you can be anything, thank you for being kind.


Initially, our first-year students practiced sewing patterns on recycled bags of all-purpose flour because it was less expensive than fabric. But quickly, as the miniature dresses began to adorn the college classroom, we realized these were works of art themselves. From collar to cuff link, every girl was able to touch each dress with her hands, her village, and her ingenuity.

Together, while learning the art of sewing, her story was deeply imprinted on every dress she created. It became a symbol of her struggle, her dreams, and her will to overcome. As this dress empowers her beautiful self, we wanted to have it travel from Kenya to you – and let the message of hope live on in your home.

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