Kenya Trip 2019

Life Changing Moments

In November, 2019, the Founder, Cindy Rodriguez went to Kenya to share monies that were raised in the in the November 2019 Tri-For-Her Event. Hugs, singing, and exchanges of love were shared by all including the fabulous teachers, Madame Linette, Madame Grace, and Lucy Chengo, owner of Heri College.


It took only a few minutes for Cindy Rodriguez and the Elimu Girls to share photos, exhange simple Swahili and English endearments, and digest the company of each other. The singing was robust, mixed with dancing and lots of joy. Many giggles later, their first encounter came to a close. It was the beginning of an unforgettable week of entrepreneurs empowering one another.

Alumni Visits

Cindy visited ElimuGirls alumni Grace and Merciline. The team Diana, Nina, and Maina accompanied her on their visits to remote areas outside of Malindi. Grace owns her own shop and had recently been married. She owns a plot of land, built a home with three bedrooms and rents out one of them to earn extra income. She recently purchased another plot of land that she is planning on building a home on for rent with her new husband. She is a role model in her community and she paves the way for success for ElimuGirl students.

Merciline is another successful alumni to our ElimuGirl program. Her shop is lovely, and she is learning the tricks of the trade with growing her new business. When Cindy¬† asked her what she loved the most about her new business she shared, I love to offer my women beautiful local fabrics. We find the perfect dress and she feels transformed.” She looks forward to growing her business and helping the ElimuGirls alumni grow theirs as well. She enjoys visiting the college when she cans and takes advantage of taking classes at the Elimu Resource Center to stay updated on digital sewing programs available to her.

Female Lead Retreat with Alumni & Students

Mid-week, all of the alumni attended a mini-retreat held for the alumni and existing students. It was full of informational sessions about growing their businesses and being the first in the many things they will do when they return to their local villages.

They shared singing, stories, and exchanged nuggets of wisdom so they may have a successful business.